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Following the curvature of a globe, Columbus is a compact circular-style named after the famous world explorer Christopher Columbus.

Colombus is a unisex style with a broad appeal, effectively framing the face.

  • The Great Explorers

    The collection takes its inspiration from the great explorers of history - from Portugese sailor Bartholomeu Dias to English ethnographer Mary Kingsley.

  • Gesturing to the insatiability of discovery, the collection is a bold expression of color and its possibilities within eyewear design, pushing how color, in combination with form, plays a role in human self-expression.


Marking a new college-style frame Vasco sports a modern look with square lenses and low nose bridge, which cites the vintage feel of a classic collegiate frame.

Vasco is named after sailor Vasco da Gama, the first European to reach India by sea.

  • Poetic interplay of color and form

    Pairing, fading, and juxtaposing mono- and bi-chrome color combinations.

  • The styles test and play with how hues and shapes both subtly and explicitly change the mood, style, and expression of eyewear.


A stylish frame for women who dares. With an elegant topline that softens the face, and a flat bottom line that defines it Lemon supports character.

Lemon is wrapped in a metallic modern color-range that gestures to a futurist design sensibility.

As such, Ørgreen’s AW17 collection is an open invitation to personally explore the infinite horizon provided by the poetic interplay of color and form