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Inherent in titanium is a sleek, sophistication where minimalism is the modus operandi. When processed titanium has a streamlined aesthetic that is totally aligned with the Danish angle of elegance at Ørgreen Optics. Explore our high-end Danish titanium eyewear.

Latest titanium styles

Refined lines and shapes

“When sketching a new design, we look for just the right line, angle and energy to complement the shape of the eye.”
Co-Founder & Head of Design, Tobias Wandrup

A splash of colour combinations

"We never use standard colours - it’s been a rule from the beginning. We develop our colours drop by drop to get the right tone. The ultimate goal is to create unique colour combinations with the capability to reflect people’s personalities, while remembering that it’s the person who wears the glasses, and not the other way around.”
Colour developer, Sahra Lysell

  • Optical collection 2017

    Streamlined aesthetics with an angle of elegance. Understated. clean, Uncluttered. And contemporary, yet timeless.

  • The new collection consists of seven bold, yet elegant male and female titanium styles.

Handcrafted in Japan

“Individually handcrafted over a period of 4-6 months. Each frame goes through more than 100 production steps. And there is a hand involved at every step”.

Meet some of our eyewear artisans here.