Sigma 2.0

54 # 15 / 146
Sigma 2.0 1199_1199
Sigma 2.0 1199_1204
Sigma 2.0 1199_1277

Sigma is Ørgreen’s cat-eye shaped frame with thin contours and smooth clean lines, offered in several two-tone color styles. Ideal for female faces in medium sizes of 54. This female frame includes brand new two tone color combinations including Mat Black + Mat Pastel Lavender and Mat Navy Blue + Mat Sandshell. Temple colors such as Pale Rose and Coffee Brown definitely give Sigma 2.0 an edge over similar looking female frames. Sigma 2.0’s smooth and enclosed end tip is a new feature for this style, adding an extra touch of comfort in the temple area.

  • Collection:SHEET TITANIUM
  • Material:A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
  • Color:Mat Black / Mat Pastel Lavender
  • Gender:FEMALE

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